Helping Communities Respond: Preventing and Eliminating Cyberviolence directed at Girls and Young Women is a three-year project funded by the Status of Women Canada dedicated to building extensive, sustainable networks among key stakeholders. In partnership and collaboration we will design, develop, and implement strategies aimed to prevent and eliminate cyberviolence. We are especially interested in examining and addressing cyberviolence in its relation to gaming (culture, practices, attitudes, etc.) and video game industries.

Because cyberviolence is a broad and diverse phenomenon, it is important to ensure our framework, approach and strategies respect girls and young women’s sense of agency and their right to explore and express their sexualities and identities, both online and offline.

"Working towards something positive rather than just stating something negative."

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We partnered up with a group of CEGEP students to explore the ways technology facilitates grooming, luring, and human trafficking. The students were beyond incredible: they showed a sincere interest in the topic and were committed to considering, developing, and proposing practical strategies and tools to educate other young people and to support those experiencing, or at-risk of experiencing, technology-facilitated human trafficking.

Check out the strategy document below if you want to learn more about these young people's insights on the intersection of technology and human trafficking.

Human Trafficking Policy Development with CEGEP Students

The Preventing Cyberviolence team partnered up with a sexual health initiative for youth in Montreal's South West, Get to the Pointe! (GTTP). Through ths youth-led initiative, we had the pleasure to forge relationships with three high schools, two community organisations and, most importantly, young people connected to these settings.

Working intimately with young people, our project got involved with GTTP in so many ways. From supporting youth in developing a documentary on gender diversity and cyberviolence, to creating a space for teachers and administrators to discuss anti-cyberviolence policy and strategies, the Preventing Cyberviolence team jumped on every opportunity to support the youth participants.

Get To The Pointe Collaboration


This strategy had a group of youth, all members of an anti-violence community organisation, come together to discuss the meaning and place of cyberviolence in their lives. Using documentary filmmaking as their medium, the youth shared their experiences, reflections, and powerful insights. Learn more about the process here!

What Does Cyberviolence Mean to You Documentary

The Preventing Cyberviolence team partnered with Game Curious Montreal, a Mount Royal Game Society initiative.

This unique, innovative and refreshingly alternative initiative offered beginner and more seasoned gamers a chance to come together to learn about, discuss, and exchange experiences of cyberviolence, and to take part in a gaming environment grounded in collaboration, non-violence, exploration and fun.

The event represents what is possible and needed in the larger gaming community. A gaming culture that does not rely on competition, violence and misoygny to entertain. A gaming culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion. A gaming culture that embraces community over oppression.

Take a look at what could be the new normal in gaming...

Game Curious Montreal - Striving for an Alternative & Safer Gaming Culture




In an effort to stimulate critical reflection around effective anti-cyberviolence policy and intervention strategies, we teamed up with a brilliant group of 16 CEGEP students studying in the social services. Working on the front lines, these students often support young people who experience and/or who perpetuate gendered cyberviolence.

We spent an afternoon with them brainstorming intervention strategies that could be implemented at the individual, collective, and systemic levels of organisations, namely high schools and CEGEPs. Click on the link below to learn more about the workshop process and the insightful ideas this group came up with!

Conversation about Strategy, Policy and Responses with Social Service CEGEP Students

Preventing Cyberviolence Team