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Concordia student council offers apology, compensation in harassment case

From the Montreal Gazette Read more… This is an interesting case for two reasons: 1. The online harassment was completely behind her back. She would have never known about the Facebook posts and personal email exchanges had she not stumbled on them when one of the perpetrators left their accounts open. These comments shone a

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Cyberviolence Resistance Strategies for Women and Girls

Quand/When: Jeudi, le 12 november 17h-19h/Thursday November 12 5:00-7:00 pm Où/Where: Bibliothèque Atwater Library English to follow. Les services jeunesse du Y des femmes de Montréal et la bibliothèque et centre d’informatique Atwater organisent un 5 à 7 le jeudi 12 novembre. Deux conférencières seront présentes pour discuter d’un monde numérique plus sécuritaire pour les

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Workshop on Bystander Intervention Tomorrow @ Concordia!

Just listening to CBC Radio Noon right now and Julie Lalonde and Jennifer Drummond are speaking about their presentation, Bystander Intervention on at Concordia tomorrow night. Read More…   “The workshop is going to look at situations that students will see and encounter,” says Lalonde. “We want to get people thinking about the logistics of

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