Pakistani Journalists Tell Their Stories of Cyberviolence

Via the BBC

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The Threats and Abuse Outspoken Pakistani Women Receive

"Popular insults include "slut", "prostitutes", or worse."

"It started off with the usual words of abuse for women - "bitch" and "whore". Then someone posted my phone number with the implicit advice to "teach me a lesson". "

"Another asked how I could come from a reputable family if I wore sleeveless shirts. For the same reason, another user said I was wearing "dirty" and "un-Islamic" clothing.This kind of online abuse doesn't bother me much as I have grown a thick skin but it's another story when someone declares you an infidel."

Sigh. "Popular insults." "Usual words." "This kind of online abuse doesn't bother me much..."

If anybody still believes that gendered cyberviolence does not exist and is not a problem, the fact that women themselves can dismiss being called "whore", "slut", dismiss rape threats and threats to their personal safety up to a point as simply the inevitable consequence of being outspoken online should change their minds.

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