DIY Feminist Cybersecurity

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I just came across the DIY Feminist Cybersecurity Guide by the Safe Hub Collective out of Boston. The website is simple, elegant and easy-to-use, which is saying something as even the word "cybersecurity" feels daunting.

I haven't browsed all the tips yet but what I have read so far has been clearly explained and completely do-able. Here is an example from their first section about remaining anonymous:

"If your internet activity is not encrypted, it is NOT private and you should assume that someone or something could see it.

As you browse the web, think of it as constantly sending a multitude of open letters: anyone that positions themselves correctly can simply read them before passing them on to their intended destination. They can know where it came from, where it’s going, and everything contained within. This is where encryption is handy: encryption is like sealing the letters in envelopes, guaranteeing that only the desired recipient can read the letters’ contents. And thanks to a lot of ingenious technologies, we can obscure the information about the sender and recipient as well."

Ok. Clear, but completely terrifying...

I am especially interested in passing on this information to my own teenage daughters as well as the students at my school. So far our guidance in terms of cybersecurity has been limited to "be careful!" It will be great to have some easy-to-implement, practical steps to give them.